5th Year Reflections: Math

Math Instruction

  • I love my guided math groups. It allows for immediate differentiation. Students can still hear thinking from each other as a whole class during whole class introductory lessons and daily at closure time.
  • I need to make it a point of more accountability with students that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing during centers.
  • One of the centers is math fact fluency using XtraMath.

    • Every month, the class records in their data folders their progress from XtraMath creating graphs.Those that mastered skills at a certain point could go onto math skills on IXL.
    • ┬áConcern: What happens by the end of the year is that students that are already high in math master most or all of the operations. Those that are lower in math don’t even master addition.
      • I might take for a monthly grade on progress for these skills to help motivate students more with mastery. I know other teachers give paper quizzes but I might as well use the convenience of technology and use the XtraMath reports for grades.

3rd Year Reflections: Math Instruction

Math Instruction

  • I liked the guided math groups. It allowed for immediate differentiation.
    • I might take a suggestion from another website (don’t remember which one) about having students in partners to allow for more accountability during centers.
  • Math fact fluency motivation and accountability: XtraMath

    • This worked really well!
    • I did have to teach students how to type using the number keys instead of finger-pecking.