Forced Reading Assignments – A No!

I’m taking a SPOT class this summer. One of our assignments is to read five trade books for our grade level and an eight square reading reflection on each book.

So far, out of the four books I have finished reading, I have enjoyed only one of them. The other four, I really did not enjoy. Quarter to mid-way, I realized how much I don’t prefer reading these specific books  (the characters, the tone, the themes, the plot, etc.) On my own accord, I would abandon them but since reading five of these books is required for the class, I pludge right on through finishing them. Page by page trying to finish these books, my distaste grows and grows.

Having just finished another one of these books I did not enjoy, I am beginning to not enjoy reading!!!!!!!!!!

This is what it must feel like for students having to read assigned chapter books. It’s laborious and makes me want to run away from books! Don’t do this to your students!!

  • Note: The SPOT class offers a wide variety of trade books to choose from. My co-worker and I are sharing them and she was kind enough to keep the supplies in her room closet. I randomly chose five to bring home for the summer. If I had access, I would have gladly traded out the books but don’t currently have that option.

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