Online Homework Reading Responses

I have always had students turn in reading responses weekly to promote “thinking about reading” and accountability.

This past year, I gave students the option of turning in their reading responses online instead of in their composition notebooks.

Initially, the class (and I) were very excited about the idea. The technology! The convenience!

By the end of the year though, less then a handful of students continued completing their reading responses online. Since fourth graders have not mastered typing, the novelty of it dwindled and typing the responses online became difficult and more tedious for them.

This was so convenient, not having to lug composition books home and hand write (I prefer typing) responses back but I have to think whether to continue this option. My husband says that even though typing is difficult for elementary students, the more encounter and familiarity with technology will in the long run benefit them because the use of technology in our careers and lives is only increasing…



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