5th Year: Gifted Students

This past school year, I feel like I did a lot better with having students that finished early, “gifted” or not, working independently on projects. They would write me a letter note in my mailbox requesting a conference when they felt they were done. I would usually have one or more quick conferences through the child’s process. After a final conference, they got to present their project to the class, (which they loved!)

I still have concerns with accountability and structure:

This article from Dr. Elissa Brown states what not to do. I need to work on number 4:

“4. Isolate them to work independently without oversight.

While independent research projects based on student interest may provide depth in an area, teachers assume that a gifted student is self-regulated and can work independently on a project without any guidance, oversight, or accountability. Sending them unsupervised to the computer lab, library, or back of the room to work independently may not produce the desired result.”

This school year, I want to do a better job highlighting project options (providing motivation) and meet purposefully with my SIGNET/gifted students (providing direction) so that they will meet the goal of completing a project they can be proud of and be stimulating for them.


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