5th Year Reflections and Goals (LA)

40 Book ChallengeHolly Mueller's 40 Book Challenge

I dipped a few toes with this and now I feel comfortable embracing it for the next school year. I would like to incorporate writing reflections on progress from Holly Mueller’s blog.

Although I think it is unnatural to write reading responses after reading (which I mandate but struggle with as you can read from my other posts), I think it would be neat and encouraging as a child to know exactly how many books were read for a school year.

Monthly Book Reports

Just like I have students working on on-going independent writing assignments, I am going to try to have my class do monthly book reports. As we progress throughout the year, I’d like to incorporate technology and different websites to instill engagement with the book reports. – I did not do this but would like to this school year?

Guided Reading Groups

I struggle with incorporating small group and individual reading conferences as described by Daily Five. I’m taking SPOT starting this summer, so I’m hoping a lot of my questions and concerns will be answered!


I have finally found a decent groove with spelling! It’s a combination of the Scholastic Spelling Instruction by Beth Newingham and Words Their Way that is differentiated, but I think allows an appropriate amount of time for other instruction.


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