4th Year Goals: Language Arts

40 Book Challenge

Holly Mueller's 40 Book Challenge

Sounds fun and hopefully motivating.

The picture to the left is inspiring and pasted from Holly Mueller’s blog. Mrs. Chappell’s Classroom is another blog with information on conducting a 40 Book Challenge.

Melissa O’Bryan provides a free recording sheet for a 40 Book Challenge on TeachersPayTeachers that I want to try out.

Monthly Book Reports

Just like I have students working on on-going independent writing assignments, I am going to try to have my class do monthly book reports. As we progress throughout the year, I’d like to incorporate technology and different websites to instill engagement with the book reports.

Guided Reading Groups and Novel Groups

I struggled with whether I am supposed to do Novel Groups or Guided Reading Groups or Personal Conferences or Strategy Groups. Confusing.

I am going to explicitly going to try combining Novel Groups, Guided Reading Groups, and Personal Conferences with a set schedule.


Doing the scholastic spelling instruction provides high-frequency words and differentiated word families. I would also like to include content and academic vocabulary…


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