4th Year Goals: Overall Instruction

Overall Instruction

  • Whole Brain/Power Teaching
    • I would like to incorporate and sprinkle these strategies for engagement of skills and concepts.
      • It looks like these strategies would encourage students to be active and engaged as opposed to passive, daydreaming, and being bored.
      • I have read a few of the critiques for these strategies (treating children like robots, not allowing for higher-order thinking,…). There are a great amount of concepts that do require memorization. These strategies could also be used as stepping stones onto the desired hierarchy of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • More Anchor Charts
  • Academic Language
    • Including starters for peer feedback with academic language
    • I’m inspired by Maria Arguelles to promote academic language (with sentence frames and starters). Baby-talking to students would be a disservice when considering what they are capable of doing. According to the information Arguelles shared from her class:
      • “I am absolutely oppose. My boss discriminations me all the time at Macy’s. She salaries me lower than other people and prejudices at me sometimes,” (Kinsella, 2005)
      • By sixth grade, 80% of school reading tasks are expository (Venezky, 2007)
      • Standardized tests are 85% expository (Daniels, 2007)
      • Vocabulary knowledge is strongly linked to academic success (Becker, 1997; Anderson & Nagy, 1991)
      • Vocabulary knowledge is the best predictor of reading comprehension. Grade 4 vocabulary predicts grade 12 reading (Snow et al., 1991)
  • Interactive Notebooks
    • Have the Interactive Notebooks with foldables for each subject more on the “interactive” side and less on just cutting, pasting, and highlighting notes.
      • To actually use them as a part of direct instruction that may allow for more engagement and ownership of material

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