Homework (Reading)

These worked well my fourth year, and I will continue implementing these.

  • Weekly interactive reading response requirements
    • I know students don’t love these, but they promote “thinking” about their reading, they give accountability, and it helps them develop writing complete paragraphs. Also, these entries should not take a lot of time for students to complete. I would say the pros outweigh here the cons.
    • I assign specific reading response starters weekly instead of giving a ton to choose from. This allows students to try out different responses instead of doing the same ones over and over again.
    • Should I send home Weekly Readers or passages from ReadWorks.org to base their responses on, or just have them choose their own good-fit books?
  • Weekly Reading Logs for parents to initial weekly (Only if this will help and not deter reading!)
    • There will be a weekly goal of how many minutes students should read and it will be up to the student how to portion these minutes out (to allow flexibility with after-school activities).
    • I will allow students to not have to complete reading logs at all for the whole year, if the parent has contacted me that their child does indeed read at home consistently. Based off of this insightful parent blog, reading logs that will help accountability will be used, otherwise, not.

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