5th Year Reflections: Routines

I didn’t incorporate all of my fourth year goals for classroom routines so I combined it with this year.

Classroom Routines

  • Classroom Economy
    • Instead of doing an auction every quarter, I might do it more frequently but for a shorter time span, so that the rewards will seem more tangible.
    • For the free rewards students won, I used to keep track of them myself. I might try using Reward Coupons that students will have to return to me so that I’m not responsible for keeping track.
  • End-of-the-Day Routine by Brent Vasicek
    • Just like the morning meetings, I ended up abandoning this. I would like to reflect more on what I can do to make sure it works for my classroom.

Classroom Management

  • Behavior Dots by teachertipster.
    • Could also be used as a prize for the classroom economy auctions
  • I saw another teacher having one student as “line monitor”. The line monitor monitors the rest of the class standing in line and rewarding with tickets. This might be a strategy better suited for younger grades but I would like to keep it in mind.
  • Dojo Points: Two years ago, I started using ClassDojo to keep track of misbehavior and on-task behavior. This past school year, I barely used it because my class was so good, they didn’t need it!

    It’s interesting how classes can be different from one another and the finding out the strategies best suited for them.


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