4th Year Goals (Classroom Community)

Curriculum Pacing

  • 1st year of teaching
    • Went along with the team with pacing. When it got near SOL time, we were behind schedule which created stress.
  • 2nd year of teaching
    • I zoomed through the pacing and did not stay on schedule with my team. I loved not having added stress of being behind near SOL time. This strategy’s con, though, was having to remediate more with time I was always short on.
  • 3rd year of teaching
    • I tried to not zoom through pacing all of the time and take more time when needed for difficult content skills. I was able to continue to not be behind when SOLs came.
  • 4th year of teaching
    • This year, I would like to be more generous with the early weeks of school on instilling routines and acceptable behavior in the classroom. This will initially cut into my teaching time, but I think in the long run it will be more beneficial and save a lot of headache with student attitude and interactions with each other and with me. We’ll see.
  • Morning Meetings
    • These videos encourage me to make Morning Meeting more of a priority.
    • Morning Meetings can set the tone for the day, hopefully instills a positive attitude, creates a safe learning community, and builds social skills.

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