3rd Year Reflections: Classroom Routines

Classroom Routines

  • Transition Times
    • GoNoodle and dance Brain Breaks from YouTube were okay…
    • I liked the “Chatting Breaks” I gave. I gave a few minutes of quiet chatting time anywhere in the classroom. Fourth graders are so social!
    • Responsive Classroom’s strategy of “quiet time” or “downtime”. I called it “Wind-down Time.”
      • I liked this a lot. It makes sense to have some time to calm down and allow your brain to be ready to transition to the next activity. This also gave extra time to prep or do a quick conference with a student if needed.
  • For students that seem to have infinite number of questions during instruction, I tried putting a small mailbox at my desk. Instead of students asking every question (or concern) that pops into mind, they wrote it down on paper and stuck it in the mini-mailbox. At my own time, usually at the end of the school day, I would read, respond, and return the letter to prevent continued interruption during instruction. (It’s sad that teachers don’t have time to digress but that is reality with keeping on pace to prep for standardized tests.)
  • Classroom Economy suggestions by Laura Candler
    • I loved this! Students wrote job applications every quarter and updated their balance sheets weekly (or more if they needed to do a separate transaction).
    • I did a mini-auction at the end-of-the-quarter for prizes that didn’t require any money. (50 Classroom Reward Ideas That Don’t Cost A Lot of Money by Little Campers)
    • The class had a “bigger” auction during the last week of school.
    • Hopefully, this helped the class understand the social studies terms of “debt”, “savings”, and “credit”.
    • I used the app KidsBank that automatically updated weekly payments and helped me keep track of everyone’s balance.
  • End-of-the-Day Routine by Brent Vasicek
    • These were great. It helped for students to calm down, reflect on the day, and leave the school day with closure. I didn’t do every activity suggested on the site, but I want to try to incorporate more next school year.

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