What Helps My Sanity in Teaching

Classroom Routines

  • Pencil War by the Wise Owl on TPT.
    • My first year of teaching I was always low on pencils and would have to buy more with my own money AND ask for more from our school bookkeeper. With this “Winning the Pencil War” system, by the end of the school year I have such a surplus of pencils that I give them away.
    • The system suggests eight pencils per student but you can get away with six.
    • Another teacher told me she has one of her SACC students sharpen all of her pencils for her(!)
  • Whisper Bell by teachertipster
    • This changes my classroom from being loud and off-focus to silent and on-task. As long as I do my part with consistency!
    • I combine this system with spelling out the letter “PLAY” with magnetic letters on the board, which would result in a class consequence.


  • Presenter Remote Controls
    • They’re pricey but worth it! I no longer am stuck next to the board. Using these allows for me to walk around the classroom while teaching.
    • They’re compatible with the programs I use like PowerPoint and SmartBoard.


  • Mini-mailbox next to my table
    • For students that have off-topic questions during instruction or
    • Students that want privacy with asking questions or sharing concerns with me


Boundaries for Consequences Picture1

  • My learning curve for discipline and consequences was like climbing Mount Everest. Keeps me humble when I think about it! It’s all about knowing what boundaries you have set in place; an already made plan.
    • If student does something, instead of being stressed and worried about how to deal with it, just go to your already thought out playbook of consequences from  pre-set fair boundaries.

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